June 2019 Mittark

House Passes Legislation to Reaffirm Wampanoag Land In Trust


Legislation that would reaffirm the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe’s federal land in trust was approved by the House on Wednesday, May 15.

The bill, which was reintroduced by Congressman Bill Keating, was approved 275-146 in a crucial step toward building a $1 billion resort casino in Taunton.

Last year, the Department of Interior reversed a previous decision to hold 321 acres of land in Mashpee and Taunton in trust following a federal lawsuit that challenged the process.

The Interior Department ruling said the tribe didn’t qualify to place the land in trust because it wasn’t under federal jurisdiction when the Indian Reorganization Act passed in 1934.

Since then, the tribe has been trying to secure federal legislation that would end all challenges to their land in trust.


Chairman's Column


Wunee keesuq Tribal family,

It’s truly unfortunate that we have a single tribal council member that continues to spearhead a campaign to derail our efforts to secure our land, our community service programs, our culture and the education of our next leaders. Disagreement among policy and procedure is expected and healthy in government, but this is not what’s happening. Material is continually leaked to local news outlets and misinformation is spread among our community.

We cannot subscribe to the divide and conquer mentality, which is not a Mashpee way of life and does not embody the values our ancestors have given us. We must join together to show the world that we are focused on the advancement of our Mashpee Wampanoag people with love, togetherness and thoughtfulness.


Tribe Receives ADA Accessible Passenger Vans


FTA Region 1 staff met with the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe on May 22, 2019 to see the results of the recently awarded FY18 Tribal Discretionary Award for two ADA Accessible Passenger Vans.  The vans, delivered on May 21, 2019, will serve as a vital form of transit for it’s members and the general public. The handicap-accessible vehicles will allow them to better serve Tribal members with those specific needs while eliminating any possible gaps in service ability. Furthermore, this enables the Tribe to not only maintain their current transit efficiency, but also increase their efficiency through expanded routes and scheduling opportunities, which will inherently increase ridership. The Tribe continues to make strides in their public transit system with future plans of expansion to further serve their members and neighboring communities!


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