New Look and Features for the Mittark in 2018

As you can see, the Mittark has a new look and feel for 2018. And the changes go well beyond the new masthead. We’ve now moved to a predominantly online publication with a condensed print version that directs readers to the website to read full articles, watch videos and browse image galleries on the news around the Tribe. It’s a different format that allows us to still provide needed news in print to each household in a cost effective and efficient manner while delivering an enhanced online publication with infinite space to expand on each article.

Chairman's Column


Greetings Tribal Family,

Let’s welcome the New Year with open arms and open minds. 2017 was a year that certainly tested our resolve along with our faith in the Creator and our connection to our homeland. But let’s remember that we as a people have persevered through much more and will once again press on to remain on our Tribal lands for many generations to come. I can promise you we will prevail in our fight to preserve our land, culture and heritage.


New Website Update and Potential Down Time


The transition of the current website to the new platform is moving along on schedule with a site launch in early February.  The new pages are currently being populated with all of the current content. However, there is a gap between the end of the current web host contract on the current website, which expired at year end, and the February launch date of the new site. What this means is that there may be a period of time in January where the old site is down.

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