New Look and Features for the Mittark in 2018


As you can see, the Mittark has a new look and feel for 2018. And the changes go well beyond the new masthead. We’ve now moved to a predominantly online publication with a condensed print version that directs readers to the website to read full articles, watch videos and browse image galleries on the news around the Tribe. It’s a different format that allows us to still provide needed news in print to each household in a cost effective and efficient manner while delivering an enhanced online publication with infinite space to expand on each article.

More importantly, the new online version of the Mittark will be formatted for reading on everything from mobile phones to tablets and desktop computers. It was a goal early on to make the publication as easy to read online as it is in print.

Trish Keliinui, public relations and communication manager for the Tribe, sees the move as a more efficient way to communicate with the community. “For well over a decade the Mittark has been a print publication that was also available online. We’ve been looking for ways to flip this around and start creating a Mittark coded to view online that’s also available in print format. It’s a more efficient use of technology. We just had to wait for our website to catch up.”

While the content is condensed in the print newsletter to four pages, you will still receive the core information about events, activities and news taking place in our community. Bottom line is Tribal Members will have two viable options for receiving news the way that works best for the individual reader…keeping our community informed and connected in 2018.