April 2019 Mittark

Honorary Partnership Ceremony at New Housing Development

On March 30 the Housing Commission and Housing Department hosted an Honorary Partnership Ceremony at the 184 Meeting House Road housing development. Housing Department staff, housing commission members, council member, citizens from the tribe and state representatives came together to celebrate this momentous occasion for the Tribe. It was also a moment to remember Alice Lopez, the founder of the Mashpee Wampanaog Tribe Housing Department. Following the ceremony the attendees gathered at the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Community and Government Center for food and refreshments.


Chairman's Column


Wunee keesuq Tribal family,

First, I want to pay homage to our Ancestors, Elders, Tribal Community members past and present, who through constant devotion to our People and our Culture have been the driving force in keeping us whole for generations.

The Tribe received formal notification that our bill, HR312 - "Mashpee Reservation Reaffirmation Act," will be heard before the Subcommittee for Indigenous People of the United States at a legislative hearing in Washington, DC.


BIA Funding Increase to over $840,000 Per Year

Sitting in the office of the Tribal Administrator, Leslie Jonas, a few days before she transitions out of the TA role for the Tribe, and it’s easy to see where her passion lies. She loves working in Development and securing funding for her Tribe.

Leslie reviews spreadsheets that provide a high-level overview of recent grants that have been awarded to the Tribe and quickly rattles off details of each award, the programs that survive because of it and how she’s been able to work with Development Associate, Kimberly Maida, and the Finance team to increase funding year over year.

BIA funding was increased from just over $500,000, in 2017/18 to about $1MM in 2019 including a couple of 1x funding awards made possible for NRD, WIOA and the Tribal Court in 2019. The increased funding now covers a wider range of operations staff and 2 mortgages – including the Community and Government Center.


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