Career Pathways Organizes Trip to Harvard and MIT


On March 5 the NYCP grant funded program Career Pathways took a group of tribal students to visit the school of Dentistry at Harvard and the Linguistics Department at MIT. Both programs have strong native ties with Vice Chairwoman Jessie little doe Baird graduating from MIT’s linguistics program and now her daughter Tracy is attending the same program.

The staff at the Harvard School of Dentistry noted that the field is comprised of .01% Native dentists across the nation. The staff are now committed to changing the very fibers of an institution that once existed to keep native and other minorities out.

Harvard extended an invite to students interested in the field of medicine to attend an amazing summer conference. They are offering the summer conference free to a qualified Wampanoag student interested in studying medicine. If you know of a student that you think should be considered, please contact John Hanlon at (508) 237-0041 or at