Wunee keesuq Tribal family,

First, I want to pay homage to our Ancestors, Elders, Tribal Community members past and present, who through constant devotion to our People and our Culture have been the driving force in keeping us whole for generations.

The Tribe received formal notification that our bill, HR312 - "Mashpee Reservation Reaffirmation Act," will be heard before the Subcommittee for Indigenous People of the United States at a legislative hearing in Washington, DC.

The hearing will take place on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 2 p.m., and should a live cast be available, we will work with our MWT Facilities/IT teams to coordinate a "Live" stream to be set up in the gym  for Tribal Members to gather and view. 

WE NEED EVERYONE to continue the prayers as this point in our history is larger than any one of us. Our goal is to tell our story before the key committee members of Congress who represent both sides of the aisle. Our goal is to tell the Mashpee story. Our history is undeniable and our connection to the land is unbreakable.

 Mashpee above everything!


Chairman Cedric Cromwell

Qaqeemasq (Running Bear)