DaPhunkeeProfessor.com - On Youtube Wednesdays at 7PM

 Mwalim - Host of DaPhunkeeProfessor.com

Mwalim - Host of DaPhunkeeProfessor.com

A member of popular soul band The GroovaLottos, and internationally renowned arts and cultural educator introduces an innovative, guerrilla- style YouTube talkshow on Wednesday nights at 7pm.

Social Topics - Arts - History - Culture - Education - Black Studies - Indigenous Studies - Music - Life... sums up what you'll see on the new weekly Youtube broadcast, simply called "DaPhunkeeProfessor.com". This program is a lecture of sorts, sharing ideas, perspectives and philosophies, along with segments and snippets of things captured on a phone, like performances, conversations, interviews, and events.

Hosted and produced by Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor, a tenured professor of English and Black Studies at UMass Dartmouth. DaPhunkeeProfessor.com. Subsequent posts will appear on the blog, DaPhunkeeProfessor.com

"Stream of Consciousness Guerrilla Television" is what producer and defacto host Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor calls it. Mwalim, a member of the Grammy nominated band The GroovaLottos. This concept is an extension of a course that Mwalim introduced at UMass Dartmouth called "Guerrilla Filmmaking", whereby students made films using the cameras on their phones or tablets and editing with software acquired as free downloads from the Internet, or that came on their computers.

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