Do You Want to Face a Lifetime Penalty!

Don’t assume that you are covered for all parts of Medicare. If you are turning 65, or have parents who are turning 65 you/they will need to sign up for Medicare Parts:

A – Hospital
B – Medical
D – Prescription

Three months before your 65th birthday and/or three months after, or you could face a Lifetime Penalty.

A Lifetime Penalty! If you are not a patient of Indian Health Services and you are turning 65, you will need to sign up for all parts Medicare, including Prescription Coverage.

Our Medicare Outreach Worker will be on site at our weekly Lunch and Learn Program every Thursday from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Or feel free to contact the Tribal Health Department at (508) 477-0208 ext. 166 to schedule an appointment.

Indian Health Services (the clinic) is separate from Tribal Health. Thank you and please call Tribal Health with any questions.