Public Notice: Statewide Shellfishing Closure


March 1, 2018

On behalf of the MWT Homeland Security Department and Tribal Police, please note due to pending storm conditions all shellfish areas are closed statewide until further notice

Statewide Shell fishing Closure

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Division of Marine Fisheries

In accordance with Chapter 130, section 74A of the Massachusetts General Laws, the Division of Marine Fisheries has closed all shellfish areas of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a precaution due to the potential effects of the coastal storm of March 1, 2018.

Therefore, under authority of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 130, sections 74A, effective at sunset on March 1, 2018, the below-defined areas have been placed in a “CLOSED TO SHELLFISHING” status to the taking of all shellfish. Digging, harvesting or collecting and/or attempting to dig, harvest or collect shellfish and the possession of shellfish from the below-defined areas is prohibited.