Active Shooter/Hostile Event Roundtable Discussion Exercise Held at Government Center

active shooter roundtable discussion photo 5.22.18.jpg

The frequency of active shooter incidents has increased in recent years, and these incidents have affected numerous places where citizens congregate, such as schools, workplaces, places of worship, shopping malls, public meetings, and movie theaters.  Unfortunately, these events highlight the need to reduce the risk of active shooter incidents while improving preparedness and strengthening ongoing efforts intended to prevent future occurrences.

The MWT Emergency Management Department in collaboration with the MWT Police Department hosted a multiagency emergency preparedness roundtable discussion in the early part of May.  The roundtable discussion was based on hypothetical incidents designed to bring together tribal departments as well as IHS, local, county and state public safety agencies to discuss roles and responsibilities during an incident affecting the Tribe.  As a result of the input and feedback gained from the participants, a plan will be established for the Tribe to ensure preparedness and readiness in the event of an incident of this magnitude.