Quashnet School Celebrates Native Culture

On June 4 and 5 the Quashnet School hosted “Wampanoag Day” a collaborative event between the Mashpee Public Schools and the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Partnership Plan. The event featured learning stations, crafts with Mother Bear, games, traditional football, hubbub, and double ball. Students also participated in STEM and Estuary Soup activities and were shuttled to the Tribe’s shellfish farm where they were greeted by Corey Hendricks. There was also food prepared by Naomi Walker. The event closed with songs that included the rattles the children made.

The two day event would not have been a success without the coming together of ICWA, Kima and Dean pitched in Day One, Dale Oakley and AJ were the drivers, Mother Bear and her village, John Hanlon and Cameron Greendeer from NYCP, Eilleen Miranda and Kenna Scott from CCDF, and Roxanne Mills, Indian Ed, Kitty Hendricks, Beatrice Jackson, and Laverne Jackson.