Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA)


Protecting Our Youth.

Preserving Our Culture.

Emergency Hotline: (774) 238-2152
Main Number: (508) 477-0208 Ext. 144


Our Mission

Every Native child and family should have access to community-based, culturally appropriate services that help them grow up safe health, spiritually strong, and free from abuse (physical, verbal, and/or sexual)  and neglect. The department functions with a commitment to preserve and strengthen Mashpee Wampanoag families, to prevent out of home placement, to maintain family ties and responsibilities, to reunify families and to provide kinship permanency plans for children who cannot return home.


Becoming a Foster Parent

The ICWA Department continues looking for Foster Care Homes for our Native Children”  who becomes an out of home placement for various reasons.

These children sincerely needs to be placed in a safe Tribal Home, until such time when the child can be returned home to his family. If your circumstances allow, I ask you to please come forward and allow the native tradition to continue down through our children. Please call: Catherine Hendricks @ 508-419-6017 ext 604

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ICWA Services

  • Advocating for Family and Children for their best interest

  • Collaborate with Department of Children and Families

  • Recruited and Trained American Indian Foster/Adoptive Parents

  • Facilitate Child and Family Team Meetings

  • Act as a Team Member

  • Court Advocacy and Preparation

  • Referral Source

  • Supervised Visitation Services

  • Professional and Confidential

ICWA Services contacts

Phone: 774-255-0119
Phone: 508-477-0208 Ext. 144

CECILA “Kima” KING - ICWA Caseworker
Phone: (508) 477-0208  Ext. 147

DEAN ROAN - ICWA Caseworker
Phone: (508) 477-0208 Ext. 146