Seeking Wampum Beads and Weavers

Smokesygnals is seeking Wampanoag artisans that are skilled in either wampum bead production or traditional weaving (some training will be provided for the weaving). The project, The Wampum Belt, is funded by the The Arts Council of England and Plymouth City Council of England and will consist of a five to six foot long wampum belt and a documentary. Wampanoag Artists that participate in the bead making or weaving will be paid a fair and competitive rate for their service.

Wampum beads will be 8 to 10 mm long and 4 to 6 mm wide drilled through the length of the bead with a 1.4 mm hole. White beads may be made from whelk or quahog shell. Purple beads must be made from quahog shell. Artisans will be paid for qualifying beads at a rate of $300 per foot.

The rate for the weavers will be determined as soon as the design is finalized.

For more information please contact Paula Peters at or bead manager Jason widdiss at and weaving manager Linda Coombs at