Giving Thanks at Old Indian Meeting House


On Saturday, November 17 the Old Indian Meeting House Committee hosted another successful Native American Thanks Giving Celebration.


The celebration at the Meeting House was led by Deacon Wayne Jackson and Pastor Fred Gray. Many Tribal and non-tribal visitors stood and proudly related to those gathered what they were thankful for this past year.

The service was followed by a pot-luck luncheon at the Community and Government Center. We had many first timers as well as some who had celebrated with us in the past. Many brought dishes to add to our prepared feast.

The overwhelming consensus was that the celebration was uplifting, the food was delicious and varied, but more importantly, many of our guests spoke about how friendly the Tribal members were and how positive the whole experience was.

We would like to thank all the non-committee members who pitched in with their time and talents. Special thanks to Elsie Pocknett and Blanche Jackson for all that they did. As usual, Norman Dias, Buddy Pocknett, and the “shellfish guys” gave generously of their hunting and fishing skills. The fish, shellfish, venison, and rabbit were most impressive contributions. The perfect end to a perfect day, was Bernadine Pocknett’s warm Indian pudding with REAL whipped cream – a real treat for us “old-timers.”

Thanks to the drummers who added greatly to the Meeting House service and at the Government Center. Even some of our first time visitors and “goshes” danced to the drum.

Once again, thanks to everyone who was there for us.


The Old Indian Meeting House Committee