Historic Mingo Home for Sale

A house that’s related to one of the very early families of the Tribe, 218 Great Neck Road North better known as the Walter Mingo House, was listed for sale last month. The modest home has seen several generations of prominent tribal members reside under its roof. The surrounding land has also provided sustenance for the community for many years. The thought of the structure being purchased outside of the tribe and potentially being demolished or altered beyond recognition would be a sad moment.

218 Great Neck Road North was the estate of the Mingo family in Mashpee. Assessor’s records date the Mingo House to 1775 although there is no physical evidence or written documentation to confirm this. The estate of Walter R. Mingo is shown as early as 1877 (Cahoon 1877; Walker 1880; Walker 1910).

Walter R. Mingo, born in Mashpee on July 6, 1838, was the son of Mary Ann Brown and the grandson of William and Leah Mingo and Desire Attaquin.

Walter Mingo spent 13 years at sea before returning to Mashpee in 1865. Upon his return he quickly became a prominent citizen in the town, serving as Selectman for 11 years as well as Town Treasurer.

He maintained a substantial farm and several acres of cranberry bog not far from this home and was one of the original members of the Mashpee Manufacturing Company. This company was originally involved in the manufacture of brooms on the Santuit River, but quickly turned to cranberry production when it was realized that the latter venture would be more profitable.

One of Walter R. Mingo's sons, Tom Stetson Mingo, was the River keeper for the Mashpee River Trout Club. Thomas Mingo lived in the home following his fathers' death, remaining there until his own death on August 9,1953

The home is currently under contract with sale pending a home inspection and financing. If you would like more information, please contact Cori Daddabbo at Cape Coastal Sotheby’s International Realty at (617) 775-8954.