Open Letter from Dawn Hendricks

During these times, with an uncertain future, it’s so important to know that there are those whom care for our needs with our best interest at heart! The MWT Housing Department certainly does and has a comfort with their approach to helping persons with disabilities or are elderly and low-income.

Michelle (Shelly) Tobey, director of housing, is a clear example of the kindness and compassion that is necessary to assist persons in their need of suitable, safe, comfortable and clean living arrangements with accommodating homes for their needs. She is not only insightful but caring with all of her abilities to do so. Shelly certainly proceeds with dignity and grace. She is not only insightful but highly knowledgeable.

Her staff, Casey and Brenda, are great assets to the Tribe as well. Carrying on  Alice Lopez’s legacy. May the creator walk in your path as well.

Dawn C. Hendricks