Greetings Tribal Family,

A new season is knocking on the door. It’s hard to believe fall is just a few weeks away. We had a great summer – brought our powwow back to tribal grounds, secured the resources for our housing development, and moved forward with important legislation to forever protect our land – and I’m confident fall will be several more months of positive momentum for the Wampanoag Nation.

We’ve been working tirelessly with local, state and federal legislators to keep the issues important to our people top of mind. We will not rest until we have secured our tribe, our culture and land for the next seven generations.

Our Vice Chairwoman Jessie “little doe” Baird testified just a few weeks ago before the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs on behalf of our future leaders and our language. The work she’s spearheaded within our WLRP language program is truly amazing.

There was a point in her testimony, which I hope you all have the chance to watch, where she explained that in our language the land and our body are connected.  You can’t say one without evoking the interconnection between them. It was a powerful point that she made crystal clear to the Committee on Indian Affairs.

Her testimony, on the heels of my testimony in front of a congressional committee in July, is cementing our legacy within the hearts and minds of legislators. I’m so thankful to Jessie for all of her hard work that she has and continues to do on our behalf. It’s this type of work that will be felt for generations to come and lift us a Nation. Thank you.

We’re also continuing to strengthen our relationship with local officials as well. Mashpee Town Manager Rodney Collins and Taunton City Mayor Thomas Hoye have been strong supporters of our rights as a Federally Recognized Tribe. We also see progress within other areas of local government, like the Mashpee School Committee that recently adopted Indigenous People Day in place of Columbus Day. We’ve been working more closely with the local schools over the past year and it’s allowing for a more inclusive and respectful environment for our children.

The seasons may be changing, but our forward momentum and focus on improving our tribal Nation has not. We’re working hard on behalf our people and welcome what fruits that a new season will bring.

Chairman Cedric Cromwell
Qaqeemasq (Running Bear)