March 2018 Chairman's Column


Greetings Tribal Family,

I have a couple of brief updates that all relate to our land that I want to provide you. We have the pending decision from the Department of Interior that I want to talk about, our Wampanoag Village Housing development and our 97th Annual Powwow, which is returning to Tribal Lands this year. Our land is and continues to be our connection to our past, present and future.

First I want to provide you with a brief update regarding the pending decision by the Department of Interior on our Land in to Trust status.

We had been previously notified that a decision could be announced as early as mid February.

Last month we were notified by the Department of Interior that they will provide a status update in 30 days as they are still reviewing evidence.

We do not have any further details at this time, however, as soon as we have any more information I will provide an immediate update.

Please know we remain steadfast in our position that there is a trust responsibility between the United States and all federally recognized tribes so anything other than a positive finding for our people and tribe would be a grave injustice. We have already been acknowledged as a sovereign tribal nation with an established reservation land base.

We have existed, thrived and protected our ancestral lands for 12,000 years.

We are here to stay.

Our Mashpee Wampanoag Village Housing development, which continues to move along on a track, will begin accepting applications from tribal members that are interested in living in our affordable housing. This is going to make such a huge impact on our people and ensuring we remain connected to our homeland…We are here to stay.

I’m also very excited that our 2018 Powwow Committee will be bringing our annual gathering back to our tribal lands this year. Our Powwow is going to be held July 6, 7 and 8 right here on our powwow grounds located next to our Community and Government Center. It’s truly a special that we’re returning the powwow to traditional lands and appropriate that the theme for this year’s powwow is “a traditional homecoming.”

We are here to stay.


Chairman Cedric Cromwell
Qaqeemasq (Running Bear)