About Peacemakers Court

The Peacemakers Court of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe is part of the Tribal Judiciary.  It shall be a court empowered to hear such matters as prescribed in the Tribal Judicial Ordinance.  The Chief Judge of the Supreme Court shall supervise the activities of the Peacemaker Court and shall exercise a supervisory role over all Peacemakers appointed.

Peacemaking encourages people to solve their own problems by communicating in a safe environment.  Conflict resolution is based upon respect, responsibility and the importance of good, conscious, meaningful relationships.  Peacemakers assist in the development of solutions to conflicts that are not patterned upon state or federal civil courts, but are more closely allied to the traditional conflict resolution processes generally followed by Native American peoples. 

It is intended that the Peacemakers Court serve as a vehicle through which parties arrive at consensual solutions to conflicts within the tribal community.  The peacemaker court need not determine who is at fault in any given situation to reach an agreeable solution. 

For more information, see the Peacemakers Court Brochure, or visit the Peacemakers Court information page.