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Mashpee Wampanoag Food Service Worker or Caterer - Temporary Employment Announcement

The Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Education Department will develop and implement a first of its kind Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), for the 30 youth enrolled in the tribe’s summer camp. We are looking for food service workers “caterers” to work from pre-developed nutritional menus, for breakfast, lunch, and snacks, serving approximately 70 meals and 35 snacks daily.

The Food Service/Caterer position is temporary, July 15 – August 30, 2019, 6 hours/day X $16.91/hour X 5 days/week X 7 weeks.

The Education Department Child Care Development Fund and the Indian Education Program, in cooperation with the Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Program will sponsor a 7-week summer camp, scheduled for July 15 – August 30, 2019, for 30 youth, ages 5-12, from 8:30 -4:30 daily. To ensure participants receive nutritious meals daily, The Mashpee Old Indian Meeting House Inc. will sponsor a Summer Food Service Program, as a “closed site” for summer camp participants only.

Orientation: A 1-day Orientation will occur during the week of July 8-12

Requirements listed below should assist applicants, in determining if this is a good fit for seven weeks; and, should be considered to represent minimum standards for providing food service as established by the Mashpee Wampanoag Cultural & Nutritional program.

Preferences: One Food Service Worker/Caterer for the entire 7 weeks; however, the Department is willing to schedule individual workers across weeks, similar to manner in which the Elders Nutrition Program schedules.


1.     Serve Safe Food Handlers Certification

2.     To provide the enrolled camp youth with quality nutritious meals.

3.     To abide by the Massachusetts Summer Food Service Program Meal Service Self-Prep standards and the MA Dept. of Public Health FDA Food Code-2013

4.     To prepare and manage the food services to the highest Serve Safe standards

5.     To protect and maintain the tribal facility’s condition when serving onsite.

6.     To ensure food safety requirements are implemented when serving food off-site (field trip).

7.     To provide the highest level of courteous, responsive, and accurate customer service

8.     To provide healthy traditional foods which represent Mashpee tribal culture.

Who is Eligible: All individuals registered with the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal Employment Rights Office (TERO)

Program Contact: Roxanne Mills Brown, Education Director, at 508-477-0208 X 149 for specific program information or Donald Peters, Manager, Title VI Elders Nutrition Program

Closing Date: June 26, 2019


IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Graduate brunch update 

The 2019 Graduation Brunch is hereby cancelled, due to a lack of resources. We are proud of each of you, and wish you the best in future endeavors.

It is our hope that the tribe will be better positioned to assist you in the future.

Roxanne D. Mills Brown

Education Director

Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe

P (508) 477-0208 Ext. 149

F (508) 681-0277



It all starts here... Language and learning

Our mission in the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Education Department is to provide and support programs that nurture the positive social and academic development of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribal members. For the sustainability of our community we seek to promote and cultivate leadership skills in our youth while, deepening their understanding of tribal history, culture, the natural environment we are entrusted to.

We strive to increase the number of Mashpee Wampanoag’s who enroll, matriculate in, and successfully complete college and graduate school programs. We maintain our mission by working with schools, college colleges and other educational cultural and social institutions to meet our common objectives by exploring avenues and approaches to provide holistic, creative community-based educational programs.

“Building on our past to ensure a strong and healthy future for our community”



The Summer Food Service Program, known as Summer Eats in Massachusetts, is a federally-funded nutrition program that provides free meals to children ages 18 and under when school is not in session. In Massachusetts, the program is administered by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education with support from the Child Nutrition Outreach Program at Project Bread.

Nearly 10% of Massachusetts households experience food insecurity. Summer Eats helps to fill the gap left open during the summer months for these families. When children have reliable access to food during the summer they can return to school ready to learn.

During the school year, many families stretch their food budget by applying for free or reduced-price school meals for their children. Frequently, these families find it difficult to absorb the additional meal costs when school is not in session. These children may be at risk for hunger and malnutrition, and they will return to school in September at a disadvantage relative to their peers. By providing free, nutritious meals throughout the summer, Summer Eats ensures that every child has access to the food they need to succeed.




Neepunee PÔhp8Ôk Summer CAMP 2019

 July 15, 2019 - August 31,2019

8:30am - 4:30pm

  Space is Limited


To register call or email the CCDF  Program Manager Eileen Miranda

508-477-0208 x152


Department contacts


Roxanne D. Mills Brown - Director

Email: Roxanne.Brown@mwtribe-nsn.gov
Phone: 508-477-0208 Ext. 149


Eileen Miranda - Child Care Program Manager

Email: Eileen.Miranda@mwtribe-NSN.gov
Phone: 508-477-0208 Ext.152

Gertrude “Kitty” Hendricks-Miller - Indian Education Coordinator

Email: Gertrude.Hendricks@mwtribe-NSN.gov
Phone: 508-477-0208 Ext. 143


Cameron Greendeer - Program Manager NYCP - Building Pathways for Tribal Youth

Email: Cameron.Greendeer@mwtribe-NSN.gov
Phone: 508-477-0208 Ext. 178